05 January, 2015

#BookReview :: Tracking Purnima by Usha Kathir

24-year old Aditi Sridhar is trying hard to establish herself as a newspaper reporter in Bangalore.

In her first major feature article, Aditi, with her never-say-die spirit, resurrects Purnima, the once celebrated singer and actress from the 60s and now a forgotten and missing star. Soon, Aditi is warned off by an unknown caller. Intrigued and defiant, the feisty girl ropes in her friend Reshmi, a photographer, to help her track Purnima. Her detractors become bolder and more violent.

Will Aditi solve the mystery that shrouds Purnima’s disappearance? Will she unravel the dubious identities and missing links as she gets closer to Purnima? Or does something more sinister await Aditi as she risks her own life to find Purnima, dead or alive.

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Welcome to Aditi Sridhar’s world, who is is trying hard to establish herself as a newspaper reporter in Bangalore. In her first major article she plans to resurrect Purnima, once celebrated singer and actress who seemed to have dropped off under the radar of everyone. But things get really interesting when her seemingly innocent questions disturb a hornet’s nest and she starts getting threatening calls. Things soon get heated, but with the help of a friend, Aditi is determined to crack this case.

First off, I love to see strong and feisty girl characters in a book and Aditi is just that. She is highly spirited and somewhat stubborn, yet she is street smart and relentless in her perusals. She is a perfect reflection of modern women whose career aspirations can rival that of any man. Aditi’s photographer friend, Reshmi, is also a strong character who plays an important role in both her life and in the story. There were handful of other characters who played had their own characteristics and added something to the story with their roles. The plot in itself is quite simple and predictable for most part. There are twists thrown in here and there to stir up the events of the story. Besides the main plot, there were certain sub plots that brought in different elements. For instance, Aditi’s mother and her matchmaking trick added to the drama and sometimes comic relief to the story.

The author’s language and narration style is quite dainty and I particularly enjoyed the extra little description of situations and people that the author has included in her way of storytelling.

Overall, an interesting novel that promises hours of entertaining reading hours.

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  1. The cover & intro itself seems intriguing & then the review does all the work left. Seems like an interesting read..