13 July, 2017

#BookReview :: Fables from India: A Collection of Short Stories by Uday Mane

A King's negligence costs the Prince his eyes. How will the King make amends? A farmer is torn between resurrecting his wife and upholding his duties. What will in uence his choice? A jester lives two lives - Masked for others. Unmasked for himself. His masked side brings happiness to everyone. But what brings happiness to his unmasked side? A magnificent tree bears fruits of different kinds, but the King wants it to be cut down to serve justice. How will the tree defend itself? An orphan boy is in search of the world's bestselling book. Will he eventually find it? A dog struggles to uncurl his tail. Will he break the curse that curled his tail in the first place? A young boy and his pet lamb are separated from each other. Will their friendship stand the test of time? Set in the ancient times, Fables from India, is a collection of 22 profound and unheard stories from a country known for its storytelling."

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Though I had previously read The Helpline by the same author and had some idea about his storytelling style, I went into this book with a fresh outlook as this book is of a completely different genre.

The book has 22 stories set in ancient India. From kings to orphan boys to a dog, the stories touch various characters and bring their stories to life through these pages. Each story has a message to deliver and each story does it in a loud and clear manner. The stories are delivered with an easy flowing narrative and in simple language. My favorite stories in the book would be ‘The Race of the Limps’ which was actually really motivating. 

For most adults though, the stories in this book may feel familiar and just repackaged; especially with the one about the Jester. I put this book down several times and read it over a period of week because the book did not have anything new to offer to me. But the book would be an effective way to introduce some fables to the younger minds.

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