02 November, 2020

Meet Goldie Gill from A Christmas Conspiracy by Reet Singh - @AuthorReet #Romance #Suspense


About the Book:

 Christmas has never been more complicated!

Goldie Gill works in a recruiting firm in Toronto and has had it with his mother's single-minded desire to see him married off to a nice girl. Goldie has no wish to find himself a nice girl - he is perfectly happy living the great life and hanging out with his cat, Billy. 

It takes a chance encounter with a dusky, doe-eyed, scatter-brained beauty, just before Christmas, for Goldie to seriously reconsider his plans. But then, he learns that his meeting with the girl isn't a happy coincidence - somebody has been meddling. 

What is the conspiracy and how is Goldie going to get to the bottom of it considering that the girl has disappeared?

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Meet Goldie Gill from A Christmas Conspiracy

If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

A free day to spend solely on myself – sounds like bliss, and I can think of at least five things I’d do, but it’s never going to happen because of Billy. 
Billy is my flat-mate - a tomcat - who usually is a model of decorum...except when I reach for a can of beer and also pick up the remote. Doing both things simultaneously signals decadence to my feline friend, and he goes beserk  - goes all out, in fact, to keep me from lounging on the couch in my pyjamas. He’ll paw the remote into the narrowest spaces around the couch, or he’ll jump on to the kitchen counter which he knows is forbidden, and then try to sweep the coffee maker off the edge.
Don’t even get me started on what he does when I have a girlfriend over – he scampers under the bed and makes the most hideous yowling sounds – no girl, to date, has lasted beyond a kiss or two, forget about going all the way. Except Nargis. Yeah, Nargis, my current girlfriend (you can read about how we met in ‘A Christmas Conspiracy’). She has both Billy and me eating out of her hand. Billy, especially, really minds his ps and qs when she’s around, which is a miracle and a blessing, because she’s around a lot. In fact, I’m about to pop the question this weekend, so wish me luck.

Here’s a picture of Billy and me chilling in our apartment in Toronto.

If you could spend the day with someone you admire (living or dead or imaginary), who would you pick?

Goldie Gill: Definitely Reet Singh. She did create us as characters in her short story, after all, but beyond that, I want the chance to ask her why she didn’t give us more romantic action on the pages. I mean, we got ONE scene in which I grabbed Nargis’s hand, and that was it! I understand that it was a short story, but ONE opportunity in the entire story to get physical with the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with? No kisses - none at all? Come on, Reet Singh, that was mean! Of course, we’ve caught up since then. Once the story was done, Reet left us alone to do what we wished and I won’t go into the details of what we did or didn’t do, but suffice it to say that it was time well spent.

About the Author:
My love affair with books began when I was a tot. A fabulous mother, who recognized the power of the written word, read to me and my sisters every night, thus introducing us to the wonderful world of the imagination.
Once I could read on my own, I graduated from fairy tales to adventure stories, and then to romance, spending all my pocket money on books. My father served in the army and took the family along mostly wherever he went, resulting in experiences that beg to find a place in my books.
I am an Eye Surgeon, but make time for my other passions – reading and writing stories, watching romantic comedies, and doing creative things with wool and a crochet hook. I also love solving cryptic crosswords, and - when my muse is elusive - I enjoy pitting my wits against my husband's at Scrabble®. When I have no other choice, I can be found in the kitchen putting together my 'world-famous' one-pot meals, although I’d rather be writing about love and happy endings because that feeds my romantic soul. 
'Scorched by His Fire' was my first published piece of romantic fiction, and was courtesy of Mills and Boon® India's Passions Contest which I won in 2013. It has since been republished as ‘Take One Fake Fiance...and add a dash of desire’. 'The Cure was Love', also from Mills and Boon® India, released in November 2014. I’m currently rewriting it for an #Indie release later this year.
More recently, I released ‘No Escape from Love’  (my first #Indie romance - hottish), ‘Satin and Sapphire’ (small town romance with drama and humor) and ‘A Christmas Conspiracy’ (a sweet romantic comedy and a short read).

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