09 August, 2023

#BookReview :: How to Kiss Your Best Friend (Hawthorne Brothers #1) by Jenny Proctor #Contemporary #Romance @Srishtipub


Brody Hawthorne is the local kayak instructor in a small town.
Kate Fletcher is the girl who left the small town behind to follow her dreams of becoming a journalist.
Brody also has been secretly in love with his best friend since he can remember. Well, it's only a secret to his best friend because Brody's brothers definitely know all about it and does not support him in his one-sided love. Kate has been away globe-trotting to write articles and features of exotic locations but is finally back in town with a secret of her own. She had been looking forward to meeting her gangly best friend from high school, hoping to reconnect. What she doesn't expect is to feel the sparks with her platonic friend.

The story revolves around the lives of Brody & Kate, these two best friends, whose relationship shift as they navigate the blurred lines between platonic friendship and romance. The author's writing shines as she expertly portrays the conflicts and insecurities that arise when two friends stumble upon the possibility of romance and find themselves on the brink of becoming something more. The depth of the characters adds a layer of authenticity that resonates with readers, making their journey all the more engaging.

One of the highlights of the book is Proctor's ability to capture the intricate nuances of friendship ~ the shared memories, the unspoken understanding between the characters despite being away from each other, and the secrets shared. As the protagonists confront their own feelings, the author doesn't shy away from exploring the awkwardness and vulnerability that often accompany such transitions.

The pacing is good as it strikes a balance between introspection and plot progression. The author masterfully weaves together moments of introspection with heart-fluttering interactions, keeping the reader invested in the characters' emotional evolution.

"How to Kiss Your Best Friend" by Jenny Proctor is a fun exploration of the complexities of friendship and romance. Friends to Lovers is one of my favourite romance tropes and as such I quite enjoyed reading Brody's journey.

With a mix of  drama, emotions, and characters that you want to root for, the author has crafted a heartwarming story that keeps you hooked from start till the last page. Despite being predictable book is undoubtedly a satisfying read. My only complaint is that there were occasional clichéd moments that could be done without. 

Review Copy received from Srishti Publishers

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